Farnaz  Zamanian




These two project are the two of my favorite project which are team collaboration when I was studying my master degree..

in both projects, my goal was to visualise and communicate emotions by wearables. Experiencing phobia by wearibg crowns as wearables. Interaction through SOUND, LIGHT, MOVEMENT and MATERIALS.

We aimed to represent phobia as a mental fences. We tried to understand the perception of the fence in physiological approach.

Perceiving fence as a border or limit which could be also fear. We tried to illustriate and visualise some kinds of considerable number of phobias by visible and tangible fences, wearables as crowns or alike, in order to make normal people understand and get the feeling of the respective phobias.




People with this phobia is usually fear of the feeling of the way of the insect crawl on their body. They associate cockroach with dirty and illness. Also the other factor is the shape that for them is unpleasing.




People with this phobia is usually have fear of the tools and sound of drill. Traumatic event from childhood experience can be also triggered of this phobia. Another reason is that they also might have fear of losing control of their mouth and imagining needles getting contact with their mouth.




People with Astraphobia usually have the fear with visual and the sound Also. A bad experience with electric current can be also added as triggered for this phobia.


Bauhaus Festival 2016 I THE POWER OF THREE

edit phase.jpg

The goal of this Project was to modernising the original Bauhaus ballet relating to our present and future.

The idea was to update several costumes and ask modern dancers to interpret it through movement as fitting the present. We were inspired by the creations of the bauhaus students their costumes, as well as the use of movement consistent with the costumes.

We wanted to apply our inspiration from this time to actions for the future, such as acknowledging the importance of the materials and finding sustainable resources, such as up-cycling objects, considering eco-conscious manufacturers. We would liked to keep the theme of the three colours-yellow as cheerful, Pink as sexy (Romanic) and black as mysterious.


We used simple, light materials that are sustainable and our work was based on organic and up-cycled materials. We were inspired by these emotions, as well as geometry, and corresponding dances to mathematical shapes and forms. We wanted to achieve this goal by creating unique pieces that capture movement through up close and personal interaction, as well as movement created when making strides.